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Web Hosting, What am I paying for?

Web Hosting, What am I paying for?

Occasionally some clients will ask what exactly do you do with the web hosting fee we pay you every month.  Indeed one particular client just didn’t want to pay it, because he didn’t see any value to it.  That’s because he didn’t understand what went on and what exactly was entailed in the web hosting fee.

He told me flat out that web pages lived in a ‘virtual space’ and as they were ‘not real’ couldn’t be paid for.

I replied that the hardware required to keep that virtual space running was in fact real.  As real as you and I and damn expensive too.

Layman’s Terms…

A webserver is a highly specialised computer that is permanently connected to the internet.  It’s as real as your house or your car.  It has real world costs.

Flat Fees

We charge a flat fee every month to maintain your website and keep it ticking over on the world wide web.


This allows us to pay the bills, in particular, the electricity required to keep our computers running  and the fibre/broadband bill so we can access your website on the fly when you send us an amendment request.

Don’t switch the radio on…

Also it allows us to pay the person for their time who happens to work on your site.  That person works in an office which also costs money.  That office is full of computers, desks, chairs, has radiators and a kettle.  Then there’s the business rates, the water rates and just about everyone else that can legitimately ask you for a pound of flesh when you run a business such as those odious people that want you to pay a fee if someone can overhear your wireless.

Then there’s the software.  The adobe Creative Suite used to cost £3500 when we first started and was renewed every two years for one licence.  Now it’s £70 per month per licence and yes that’s one licence per user/computer.

What about the Expertise?

There’s that too, the world of IT and Web Development is always changing, we have to learn new things so that you won’t be left behind.  The amount of new things to learn is overwhelming, and exhausting.  That time, energy and experience has to be paid for.  It helps us, help you quickly and efficiently when you have a problem.

If an amendment can be done in less than fifteen minutes we don’t charge, if it’s less than an half an hour we don’t charge, if it’s more than one hour of time to do the work, then there may be a bill, but we will let you know in advance and give you the chance to say ‘no’ if you’d rather not go ahead.


Likewise if there’s a problem and a nasty hacker gets into your site, we don’t bill you to repair the damage.  This is done on principle as life can be unexpected to say the least.  You didn’t cause or ask for the damage to be done (we assume) so we do this for nothing out of good will.

Your hosting fee of £25 per month pays for 1 hour of design or development time on top of the electricity costs, the rent and the broadband costs and the supplier hosting costs we have to pay to Heart Internet who own the web-server.

In return for their money they offer an easy to use control panel and very good customer service when things go wrong.  They are our backup and are an excellent supplier of domain names and web hosting.

I’m beginning to think that £25 isn’t enough…

Yes other suppliers are cheaper, but they might not have the same cost base as us and probably don’t offer as much.  Alternatively if they advertise on TV you’ll find that they have huge economies of scale that we just cant access because we don’t have a multimillion pound budget, but when things go wrong you will be on your own.

Where we shine is in the help ‘i’m in trouble department’, so if you do need help, contact us and we’ll be your friend forever.

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